Refund Policy

Being regardless of the rule “If issues are resolved, the fees for the Service is not refundable”, Bullguard Support with its sole prudence and on a case by case basis, may agree to make refund of Plan fees after deducting applicable charges for servicing the Customer.

Our user can also avails 30 days money back guarantee from the day service was taken.

Moreover, if the problem still persists and trouble you again, we will try to re-fix the issue first without charging any extra amount and if in case we are unable to resolve the issue, depending on the situation, partial or full amount will be refunded.

Note that the refund of amount can take 7-10 working days to be credited in the customer’s account; the customer has done payment with.

Also, keep in mind that the issue for which refund request is made should be the same or connected to the main issue as mentioned in the confirmation email or the agreement signed by the customer. In case, you are requesting a wrong claim, Bullguard Support will not consider as a related case and in that case no refund request will be entertained.

Read out the following given points:1. If the one time fix charge has been applied, it will not be refunded.
2. Remember that Security products or any other product that we install on your computer is considered to be non-refundable. We have purchased all such products from the Local vendors, and they don’t give us refundable policy so we are not able to provide you the same.
3. We can only proffer you online technical support over the phone or through live chat, and No physical support will be provided.
4. We only proceed further when the customer gets agreed upon their services and their charges we offer.